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University of Chicago

This box was specially designed for the University of Chicago. The portrait on top of the box depicts an aerial view of Hyde Park with Chicago in the background. This box was first designed as a gift for the First Lady as she was moving to Washington.


Condoleezza Rice Box

This box was commissioned during Condoleezza Rice's term as Secretary of State. This circular box depicts a portrait of Sojourner Truth a well known women's rights activists. The inside contains Sojourner Truth's name as well as the years she lived. Below rests Condezzila Rice's signature.


George Bush Oval Office Box

This box was designed for George W. Bush. It depicts the oval office during his presidential term. The carpet of the office is painted around the sides, to show some of the more unique features of the presidents office.


Laura Bush Red Room Box

This circular box was commissioned for Laura Bush. It depicts the White House Red Room. Inside you have Laura's signature as well as an elegant design.


Clinton Presidential Box

This box was the fist commissioned piece created exclusively for the White House. This two inch box was created for the 50th anniversary of NATO, as a gift to the heads of state. Painted on top is a detailed spring portrait of the White House. The inside contains a picture of the Clinton Oval office. We took special care to ensure every details was captured including the paintings on the wall.